Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)


Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)


Meiban is a leading Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider. Our services include research, design and development, product and process engineering, design for manufacturability, supply chain management, as well as a widely diversified range of?high-value and complex products and printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies.

Meiban’s strong competency in engineering enables cost breakthrough by means of design and the whole supply chain. Its agility in manufacturing support ensures rapid and continuous ramp up to meet strong market take-up.



Our Machine / Equipment

  • High Mix and High Volume Capability SMT Line

  • 01005 and POP Capability

  • 2 Point Close Loop Monitoring SMT Process

  • High Density Board Through-hole Part Selective Soldering

  • In line Depanelization Process

  • Offline Barcode Label Pasting

  • X-Ray

  • N2 Soldering (Reflow/Selective Wave)

  • Precision BGA Rework Station

  • Thermal Shock and ESS Chamber

  • Cross Section Analysis Equipment


PCB Assembly

SMT Equipment

Non-SMT Equipment

Testing and Failure Analysis


Manufacturing Execution System


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PCB Assembly

Our PCB assembly lines are equipped with the ability the do rigid PCB assembly, flex PCB assembly, through-hole PCB assembly, cable harness assembly, functional test and final box build.

Meiban only work with original parts manufacturer and authorized distributors to guarantee the components we purchased are genuine, reasonably priced, short lead time and with quality.

Our PCB Assembly lines are equipped with the latest SMT equipment and with our strong technical team you can be assured that your products are in good hands.

SMT Equipment?

We have a wide range of SMT equipment such as

- Intelligent Storage Management
- Solder Paste Printing
- Solder Paste Inspection
- Pick and Placement Machine
-?SMT Reflow
- Auto Optical Inspection
- BGA Rework Station



Non-SMT Equipment

Meiban has a wide range of Non-SMT Equipment:

- Barcode Label Pasting Machine
- Selective Wave
- Auto Optical Inspection
- PCBA Router




Testing and?Failure Analysis

Meiban provides full range of testing services and comprehensive failure analysis.

- In-circuit and Integrated Functional Testing
- High Precision Temperature and Humidity Control in a Wide Testing Range
- Failure Analysis such as Dye and Pry and Cross Section
- Environment Test such as Temperature and Humidity and Mechanical Test



EMS Quality

Meiban quality system ensures customers' PCB orders are manufactured to the required specification. Our framework defines the procurement of components, the control of processes and verification are performed in highly standard of work.

Automated inspection system are installed to ensure consistent, reliable and low cost assembly processes.


Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Meiban MES system provides full manufacturing information. Through the close loop and real time data collection, the engineering team can optimize processes to improve production output.

With MES system, our assembly lines are made more efficient and smarter. It is also linked to our iSmart planning and iSmart quality control to ensure high production yield and full traceability.


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