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Innovation Meiban Skin (IMS)


Innovative Meiban Skin (IMS) is a new definition of surface laser texturing technology. From Automotive parts to Lifestyle products, IMS adds richness to a product’s appearance, therefore making it more marketable and desirable to the customers.

IMS produces texture directly from digital files, allowing the creation of any number of identical components. In addition, IMS offers more precision and accuracy than traditional methods.

With IMS, certain texture can hide splay lines, flow lines and sink marks, thus giving better aesthetic finishing.

Textures that will brings Plastic to Life

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? ?Completely redefine surface texturing technology


? ?Better Aesthetic Finishing


Functional Tiles

Aesthetics and Styling



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Functional Tiles

Can plastic has a function besides playing a “casing role”?

With IMS, plastic surfaces can be more interesting such as :

- Water repellent; hydrophobic
- Hydrophilic
- Anti-bacteria
- Three dimensional back lighting
- Illuminated electrofluorescent plastic film

Meiban is always excited to work with our customers to develop new plastic functional surfaces to give us an edge to create new products.

Aesthetics and Styling

Glossy and matt plastic surfaces are common but in a demanding consumer marketplace, new styling and product textures becomes important as part of product differentiation.

Meiban IMS technology has 500 in-house proprietary textures to choose from and brand-owners can also design their own unique textures for their line of products. These textures range from wood texture to textile texture.

Having IMS can also help to save costs as now the plastic surface by itself looks great without having the need to have another secondary finishing such as spray painting.


In some cases, certain products need authenticity. It is important for the brand-owners and their customers to be able to distinguish their products from a “fake look alike” product. IMS can ensure and enable the authenticity feature in the plastic surface.

This is done via different angles viewing or via microscopic viewing.






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