Multi-Level Technology(MLT)


Often, a standard molding machine physical capability is not maximized by running a standard injection tool. With MLT, we are able to realize the molding machine full potential, thereby maximizing the hourly rate for processing and translating it to better returns for our customers.

With our new MLT design, parts can be produced at a lower cost with no additional capital investment required on molding machine and auxiliary equipment.

Advantages of MLT

  • With MLT mold, you can now produce double or more parts per machine which saves investment on machine, mold, equipment, space and energy.

  • Major cost savings: In the past, you had to pay for a bigger tonnage machine to double your cavitation. With the MLT design, you can now maintain the same tonnage machine while doubling up your cavitation.

  • The simplicity of MLT mold enables it to be mounted on any standard machine as well as ease of mold setup and need no investment of specialised machine.

Video on how MLT works.


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